Sunday, 22 November 2009

Finally made up my mind!

I'm getting myself a cricut have been watching C&C and YOu tube and definately co do all sorts of things I can't just now - really got a feel for how versatile the cricut can  be and am convinced I need one! Well I really do need it! I'm going for the smaller version as I need it to be portable so I can craft when I go visiting family. Anyway I am ordering it from Oyser stamps so watch this space when it arrives.


  1. Hi I thought I might as well introduce myself, as we will meet in February, I'm in Dundee too so probably seen you around the craft shops, my sister in law is coming too. Looking forward to it. Ann

  2. Hi Bea, yes i still have places available for the crafty meet, if you would like to come please e-mail me at

    thanks xx

  3. Thanks annies place yes it will be good to meet other local crafters. I used to go to the crafTAY stamper shop on Strathmartine Road til it closed.


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