Sunday, 22 November 2009

Finally made up my mind!

I'm getting myself a cricut have been watching C&C and YOu tube and definately co do all sorts of things I can't just now - really got a feel for how versatile the cricut can  be and am convinced I need one! Well I really do need it! I'm going for the smaller version as I need it to be portable so I can craft when I go visiting family. Anyway I am ordering it from Oyser stamps so watch this space when it arrives.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Crafty sort out !!!!!

Well I've begun to sort my stash again and omg what a lot there is that I had forgot - I really mustn't buy anymoe stamps, inks or embossing stuff - I think I could start my own craft shop - heehee! What my son thought I'd complete in a weekend will take about a month of Sundays. Still I've got the stuff I need for my crop tomorrow so never mind.
Ireally need to get a hang of putting graphics and pix on here as it is a bit dull for any visitors.

Friday, 20 November 2009

another day another crafty thought!

Thinking of getting a cricut - not 100% sure but nearly. Probably I'll go for a small one rather than the expression as I want one that's portable. If ayone out there has one and can give some tips I'll certainly read them.

crafty meet scotland: Get on your thinking caps!

crafty meet scotland: Get on your thinking caps!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Back home

Back to crafting now that I am back home from visiting family and friends in London. While away I got a lovely set of 12 X 12 papers in a really handy storage tote. It was a really good buy from Costco - my first visit - if they have crafting stuff I will be back to see.

Today I have been scanning some old photos for use in one of my scrapbooking projects so no h/w done today - haha I'm off to my monthly crop next Sunday so need to get photos ready. Happy crafting !!