Sunday, 21 August 2011

Back again!

Hi all Things have been pretty hectic and crafting has slowed down as has blogging - but I have grabbed a few mins before I take a trip to the Perth Bead Show. I have  some posts to ctach up on but was so grateful to Monica for sending me some blog awards one of which is here as blogger has been a bit funny today and not letting me post comments on any blogs. I have been visitibng some of the other blogs Monica gave these awards to and there is so much inspiration out there but I can't leave comments for some reason. Anyway here is one of the awards. I pcked this one first because I love strawberries and this looks yummy!
Thanks Monica

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  1. I am sorry, Bea that you could not leave comments - it was my fault this time... I was fiddling around with the Design section and accidentally deactivated the show comments button.




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