Thursday, 29 December 2011

how quick was that!!

Was off work yesterday and watched the craft sale tsv on QVC - as it was Bazzill card - my fave card - so decided to treat myself.
Well it just arrived at my door - couldn't believe it - great for using when I am off at the weekend making thankyou cards for my christmas prezzies.

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  1. Thanks for your comment Bea. I love those candle holders you made! Very pretty:)

    That was awful about your book! I dont sell abroad because I think its too risky:( I would deffinately kick up a fuss. If I didnt give a good service I would expect to have bad comments left. They shouldnt be allowed to get away with it. I think you were OVER patient to wait 3 months, a month was enough! Some Co's are just very naughty.

    As for your QVC Bargain! My word!! Next day, fabulous:)

    Enjoy making your Thankyou cards and a very Happy New Year:)
    Michelle x


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